In order to use ShineISP you need to configure your own database. In this case we will configure the MySQL database server.

Create a database

You can create your new ShineISP database by shell or by any MySQL client you prefer.

Using the Shell terminal, type:

$ mysqladmin -uroot -p create MYDATABASE

followed by your admin password. Press enter.

Setup the database credentials

In order to setup your connection string, you have to rename the pdo.local.php.sample to pdo.local.php file located at /vendor/shinesoftware/base/config/autoload.dist/pdo.local.php and change the default credentials with yours.

    return array(
        'db' => array(
            'hostname'  => 'localhost',
            'driver'    => 'PdoMysql',
            'database'  => 'MYDATABASE',
            'username'  => 'MYUSER',
            'password'  => 'MYPASSWORD',

Import the data structure

ShineISP has not a setup wizard, maybe you can help us to create it, by the way you have to import the .sql files that you find in the "data" directory of every module.

For instance the Base module contains some *.sql files. You have to create an empty database (eg. shineisp2) and import these sql dump files on it.

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