How can I contribute?

It's really simple because at the moment we are at the "Scratch Step". Now we can choose what we need to include in the software and how to write it. So if you are interested in a real collaboration with us, don't be scared write us! By the way you can help us in these important steps:

  • Write a simple analysis of the main modules
  • Create a documentation wiki site
  • Develop a ShineISP module
  • Translate the new version
  • Create a Import / Export data tool for the old and the new project
  • Promote the project
  • Create a template
  • Send simple suggestions and ideas
  • or simple support us offering a beer! ;)

There are many way to help us, so the software is free and open but we need to see your sweating forehead! :)

Can I help to translate the project in my language?

YES, of course! Join us by using this free service: It is really simple! Select the language you wish to translate and click the button "join"!

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